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Strobist Concept

Strobism is a new trend that has appeared few years ago where the principle is very simple: use studio techniques everywhere, including outside...using your speedlite flashes as a new source of light.

Some people master the technique and you will see more and more amateurs/pro photographers bringing their speedlite flashes to shoots, weddings, etc to bring a new dimension of light in their photos. This is a revolution, and an interesting one !

Multiple accessories exist, but here is what you will usually need to get started:

* a light stand

* a swivel (to adapt your flash to your light stand)

* a speedlite flash (canon, nikon, etc...)

* a remote trigger (cactus V4, poket wizard, ...)

* a difuser (umbrella, softbox,...) to soften the light

* some houres of practice to realise how cool this is !

A great site to get started is that we highly recommand as source of inspiration.

We put here a tutorial section to get you an idea of what is possible with the equipment bought here. All videos, pictures have been taken by our team at Gimilight. We try to make it as simple as possible, as beautiful as possible and as entertaining as possible for you to have to good time going through these. We will update them when given the time of course :-) (or you might give us a cool tutorial as well that we could link here ?)